Sally Van Der Zwart is a talented singer and songwriter who reached the top 24 of Australian Idol. She wrote her first song at age 13. Sally and Michael have co-written and recorded over 25 original songs. Here are some excerpts.

Annibelle Priftis is an already very experienced singer and songwriter performing at Melbourne’s Carols by Candlelight and touring America with the ‘Tour of Duty’ firefighters tour. A gifted, lyrical singer, Annibelle has the world at her feet. She sang the David Brooks song ‘A Little More Faith’ produced and recorded by Michael and one of her originals reworked by Michael.

Madeline Acosta. With a Spanish background it was only natural some of that should creep in to Madeline’s songwriting. Madeline’s voice and music is honest heartfelt with no pretentiousness. Here are some of the songs co-written at the studio.

Sonya James writes classic R’n’B and Dance songs with originality. She has significant experience touring and working in the U.S.

Misha Kapitan. An original and earthy take on the R’n’B style sets Misha’s voice apart. Misha came in with this appealing melody we built the song together from there. The remix is also included.

James Macdonald has three solo albums with great reviews worldwide. Michael mixed his second album ‘Elevator Music For Unrequited Lovers.’

“Pure pop mastery” BEAT MAGAZINE

Available on iTunes Listen to some previews of more tracks here:

Elevator Music For Unrequited Lovers

Grant Siedle is a gifted piano player/singer/songwriter from Melbourne who has two solo albums to his name. Grant recorded two songs off his terrific album ‘Be Yourself’ at Big Hand Studio. ‘Keep Burning’ and ‘One Way Road.’ It was enjoyable recording a string section for ‘One Way Road’.  Available on iTunes and CD baby.

David Brooks and Michael have co-written a number of songs including ‘Found’ which won a Nashville songwriting competition in the category of Singer/songwriter. Here are a few excerpts.

Michael and Mick Travers were asked by Scienceworks Museum to compose music to accompany the Coates Cube/Scienceworks exhibit outside the MCG during the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The cube was like a huge mousetrap game with balls moving around various crazy sections.

Michael and Mick Travers were also asked to compose music for a permanent exhibition at Scienceworks. The exhibit explains Melbourne’s Storm water system in a mulitmedia interactive display.

‘Parliament’ the musical composed by music teacher/composer Michael Travers was recorded live in Melbourne’s Parliament house with students from St Matthew’s primary school. Mixed by Michael I.

Babba live CD. Michael recorded and mixed this high energy act while also playing keys. Great band and great singing.

Sunday Morning is a collection of 15 great songs written by Chris Hoyne (teacher/composer) that tell the story of the Gospels for primary students. Recorded, sequenced, arranged and mixed by Michael.

Michael composed the score for this Sci Fi masterpiece back in 1995 using only an ASR10 Sampler and a Mac SE30 computer! The film was created and edited by well known film and television editor Dave Redman. Originally ‘Megiddo Fin’ the title was changed to ‘Hero For Hire’.

Wedding songs.

Michael has been commissioned to write and produce numerous wedding songs.

Silas Aiton is an actor/musician who’s been writing songs since he can remember. He is currently drumming for a blues/rock/jazz outfit. Here are excerpts from two of his original songs recorded at the studio.

My cameo role in the movie Megiddo Fin as an alien cabaret singer in a bar. The language is just me making up sounds as I wrote the song which the directors wanted to keep as it sounded a bit like an alien language. Was fun to be a part of.